Richardson Wins 500m and 3000m in Day One of Racing

Friday: Nov//02

U.S. Single Distance Championships in Milwaukee

For the first time this season, the Long Trackers took to the ice for a shot at a coveted spot on the World Cup team and Heather Richardson headlined today, winning the first of two 500m races (37.96) and surprised fans by also winning the 3000m (4:09.39).  The U.S. Single Distance Long Track Championships got underway today at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, WI. 

"I just wanted to have fun and I went in with no pressure, I just skated for training for my 1500m and just enjoyed it," she said of her win in the 3000m.  "It was definitely not part of the plan but if I should compete in it I will and hopefully represent the U.S. well."

The ladies started out the day, competing in the first of two 500m races.  Richardson finished first, followed by Lauren Cholewinski (38.47) in second and Brittany Bowe (38.59) in third.  The ladies will skate the second 500m race tomorrow.

In the men's 500m, again the first of two races in that distance, Mitch Whitmore took first place (35.12), followed by Tucker Fredricks in second (35.28) and Shani Davis in third (35.60).  The second 500m will be held tomorrow.

In the ladies 3000m, a 7.5-lap race, Jilleanne Rookard took second (4:09.70) behind Richardson and Maria Lamb took third (4:13.12).

The men raced the 5000m today, Brian Hansen took first (6:27.80) , followed by Emery Lehman in second (6:28.56) and Jonathan Kuck in third (6:29.86).  The 5000m is 12.5 laps around the oval.

The competition begins again tomorrow at 8:30 am at the Pettit.  In addition to the men's and ladies 500m, athletes will also compete in the 1000m.  For today's complete results, click here. For throughout the weekend, visit the USS Facebook page (www.facebook.com/usspeedskating) or our Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/usspeedskating).